“Success By ‘Secret Superstar’ Could Give Aamir Khan The Title Of The World’s Biggest Movie Star”- Forbes

Worlds Biggest Superstar Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan doesn’t make as many movies as his fellow superstar Khans, but the ones he does make, at least over the past decade, are box office magic. Nine of his last ten films have been enormous global hits. His last three—the aforementioned Dhoom 3PK, and Dangal—have each successively redefined the very definition of what is financially possible for an Indian movie. His pictures are not just commercial successes, they’re also critical darlings, thoughtful humanistic ruminations on important social issues, that also happen to be great fun.

Worlds Biggest Superstar Aamir Khan
Worlds Biggest Superstar is Aamir Khan

Read the full article-https://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2017/10/03/if-secret-superstar-hits-big-aamir-khan-will-own-the-title-worlds-biggest-movie-star/#3d3725d8a8d3

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