Aamir Khan is Loving These Two 10-Second Films By Wife Kirao Rao – News 18

Aamir Khan took to Instagram and shared two ten-seconds films directed by wife Kiran Rao for Facebook’s Thumbstoppers initiative. Watch the films here.

Aamir Khan took to social media on Tuesday and shared a couple of 10-seconds short films made by his filmmaker wife Kiran Rao. Kiran, who has directed Aamir in Dhobi Ghat (2011) and has produced several other critically acclaimed films like Secret Superstar (2017), Peepli Live (2010) among others, has made these thematic films for Facebook Thumbstoppers, an initiative launched in May 2019 to redefine short-form mobile video ads in India. Kiran’s two films are on the subject of domestic violence and the importance of gender equality respectively.

The first film emphasizes the need and awareness regarding gender parity. In it, a young boy and a girl are served with milk of varying quantities, the boy has given more share than the girl. The boy, after he sees the difference in the glasses, fills his sister’s glass with some of his milk.

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