Aamir Khan to lose 20 kgs for Lal Singh Chaddha, limiting himself to sabzi roti

Aamir Khan will now be seen in Lal Singh Chaddha, the official remake of the 1994 hit Forrest Gump which was essayed originally by Tom Hanks.

Aamir Khan’s next project Lal Singh Chaddha, the official remake of the 1994 hit Forrest Gump, was announced on his birthday this year. The actor will be seen playing the titular role, which was essayed originally by Tom Hanks. Apparently, the buzz is that the makers of the Hollywood film were getting many enquiries from Hindi filmmakers for the right of the film. However, it seems the makers were keen on Aamir portraying the role, says a source.

Forrest Gump won six Oscars, including best picture, best actor for Tom Hanks, best director for Robert Zemeckis, and adapted screenplay, editing and visual effects, too. Forrest Gump is one of Tom Hanks’s best-loved films so far. “The original makers have heard good things about India’s one of the finest actors, Aamir Khan and his knack for perfection in movie making. Despite good offers earlier, the makers decided to give its remake rights to the production who brings Aamir involved in the project,” the source says.

So when Aamir came to know, he met the makers and initiated the talk. “It took more than five years to finalise the deal,” a source informs. Apparently, Aamir is leaving no stone unturned and developing this film to his best. Currently, Aamir is transforming himself to portray the character of Lal Singh Chaddha and will lose 20 kgs for the younger phase of the character. The film is said to roll in November this year.
“The actor follows a special diet consisting of sabzi roti and some protein intake. He will also undergo the training for his look after September. As of now, Aamir is involving himself in the overall creative aspects for the project,” the source further added.

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