Aamir Khan’s shocking U-turn!

Aamir’s decision has now set the grapevine buzzing.

Aamir Khan, who likes to portray a holier-than-thou image, has justified his decision of working with #MeToo accused, Subhash Kapoor. In a recent interview to a publication, the actor revealed that he decided to be a part of this project as he was troubled that his action might have cost Kapoor his right to work! And that’s when he and wife Kiran Rao decided to interact with a handful of women who had worked with Kapoor in the past. He also wrote to IFTDA (Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association) informing them about his decision to return to the film.

Aamir’s decision has now set the grapevine buzzing. “Rumour is that Subhash Kapoor went to Aamir Khan and asked him to help out as he has not been able to move ahead with other projects because of Aamir’s withdrawal from the film. Taking cognizance of the fact that it was also affecting his family, Aamir decided to get back to the project and get him back on board as well,” says a source.

Another film industry veteran, however, feels that it could just be hogwash. “Aamir will release Lal Singh Chadha during next Christmas. How will he have the time to do that film if he has eyes already on the Mahabharata as well as on the Osho biopic? Subhash has a few projects ready, including a Mayawati biopic and is not finding a studio because of the Aamir issue. Now, with Aamir’s announcement, it will be easy for Subhash’s career to move ahead. By the time they reach the bridge to cross it, there could be yet another U-turn,” insists the veteran.

Aamir’s decision now is clearly a paradigm shift from the stance he had taken when stepping out of the project. Last year, the actor had sent out an official statement saying that he would not be working in this film. “At Aamir Khan Productions we have always had a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct and predatory behaviour of any kind… Two weeks ago, when traumatic #MeToo stories began emerging, it was brought to our attention that someone we were about to begin work with has been accused of sexual misconduct,” Aamir had said.

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