Laal Kaptaan: Aamir Khan Reacts And Shares The Trailer Of The Film

Laal Kaptaan releasing on October 18 recently saw a reaction to its trailer by actor Aamir Khan. Read on for details about what Aamir Khan had to say about it.

Laal Kaptaan starring Saif Ali Khan is all set to release on October 18, 2019. In the film, Saif plays the role of a Naga Sadhu who plans to seek revenge from an old enemy. Recently, actor Aamir Khan shared the trailer of Laal Kaptaan and even appreciated this Navdeep Singh-directed film. Read on for more details about Aamir Khan’s take on the film.

Aamir Khan’s take on Laal Kaptaan

Laal Kaptaan starring Saif Ali Khan in the lead role of a Naga Sadhu is set to release on October 18. Aamir Khan took to Twitter and Instagram and shared one of the three trailers of the film. In his caption, Aamir Khan stated that that trailer of the film is awesome and also suggested people to watch it as well. Take a look at these posts by him.

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