Tanushree Dutta reacts to Aamir Khan’s decision to join Mogul: ‘Compassion should be universal’

Tanushree Dutta has responded to Aamir Khan’s decision to rejoin Subash Kapoor’s Mogul. The film is being directed by Subhash Kapoor.

Actor Tanushree Dutta, who sparked the MeToo Movement of India last year, has reacted to actor Aamir Khan’s decision to work with director Subhash Kapoor. He was accused of sexual harassment by actor Geetika Tyagi five years ago, a case that picked up wind again last year with the movement.

Talking to Mid-day, Tanushree said, “How come nobody in Bollywood has sleepless nights when a woman becomes a victim of abuse and is not able to work due to the trauma and ostracisation… If he has agreed to hire this guy, why not hire the woman who suffered the consequences of his actions? Why do only the creepy men of Bollywood get compassion? Let the girls also see some of that saintly do-goodery.”

“Compassion should be universal. If it’s so selective as is being displayed by the Bollywood’s bigwigs, then it’s not compassion. It’s convenience and ignorance. Nobody bothered to ask me how I was doing when my livelihood was snatched away after the Horn Ok Pleassss harassment episode. No compassion for me, Aamir?” she added.

Aamir and his filmmaker wife Kiran Rao had decided to quit Mogul last year on learning of the accusations against Subhash. He wrote a long post voicing his support towards the MeToo Movement and also talked about it at length on Karan Johar’s show Koffee With Karan. However, even then, he had mentioned how he was staying up at night thinking about whether he caused an innocent man to lose his job.

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