Viral: Aamir Khan’s Daughter Ira Lights Up Instagram With This Pic

Ira Khan’s name frequently features in headlines for her relationship with Mishaal Kirpalani.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is back on the list of trends but this time for a picture she shared from her photoshoot on social media. For the photoshoot, Ira was dressed in a crochet top and hot pants and she finished out her bohemian look with beaded hair. Ira Khan says that she’s tried to explore the theme of the photoshoot – ‘Who Are You?’ – through fashion here. In a previous post, Ira explained, “I’ve never had an answer to that question but at different points in my life, I’ve been overwhelmed by the question or at peace with not having figured out the answer just yet. The exciting moments are when you realise you can choose who you want to be and just how many things you want to be. And also, that no one thing defines who you are. In this piece, fashion is my tool of exploration. But it’s just that… one of the many ways to explore this idea.”

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