With Salman’s rare flop and SRK’s long dry run, is Aamir the new king of the Khans? – Siasat

Audiences lapped up Aamir’s 2014 satirical science fiction comedy PK, number two on the all-time Bollywood grossing list, for its questioning of religious superstitions.

Three Indian actors sharing a surname have ruled Bollywood box offices across three decades, but the success of wrestling blockbuster Dangal means it’s Aamir who’s currently king of the Khans.

Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan have been the undoubted superstars of the Hindi film industry since the mid-1990s, taking it in turns to reign supreme.

But with Dangal smashing records worldwide, Salman suffering a rare flop and Shah Rukh without a major hit of three years, the crown for now is firmly placed on Aamir’s head.

“The Khans used to be on a par but Aamir has moved ahead and Shah Rukh is kind of lagging behind recently,” film trade analyst Ramesh Bala said of the trio who all turn 52 this year and who are not related.

Dangal has set new and previously unimaginable parameters for the box office potential of a Bollywood movie since it was first released in India in December last year.

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