‘Would’ve been fair if Aamir Khan considered both sides’: Subhash Kapoor’s #MeToo accuser on rehiring him for ‘Mogul’

Aamir Khan rehired Subhash Kapoor without even talking to his #MeToo accuser, or so she claims

Aamir Khan surprised one-and-all when he made a massive decision. The superstar is back on track with Gulshan Kumar biopic, titled Mogul. Not only has he backed the movie as a producer and is acting in it, but Aamir has also roped in #MeToo accused Subhash Kapoor as the director for the movie.

Knowing that he would be questioned for his decision, Aamir Khan gave a lengthy interview where he justified his action by stating that he felt guilty and had sleepless nights thinking a person was unemployed because of his big decision. Aamir also stated that in order to make a decision, he and his wife Kiran Rao met other females who worked with Kapoor.

Astonished by the U-Turn which Aamir took, the #MeToo accuser of Subhash Kapoor gave an interview to Mid-Day claiming this episode feels strange. She said, “I had commended Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan [last year] because it gave hope to more women to speak up about their own stories. But I had never asked for it from them.”

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