[EXCLUSIVE] Aamir Khan’s fitness trainer Shivoham reveals actor’s training routine for Laal Singh Chaddha

In an exclusive interaction with Times Now Digital, celebrity fitness trainer and coach Shivoham talked about training Bollywood star Aamir Khan for his upcoming movie, Laal Singh Chaddha.

Impeccable acting, versatility, and his sheer passion to make any character come alive on the celluloid without breaking a sweat is something that separates Bollywood actor Aamir Khan from his contemporaries. From acting, filmmaking to hosting television talk-shows, there is no denying that Aamir has donned several hats in his glittering film career that has spanned over three decades.

Even at the age of 55, Aamir can give Bollywood heartthrobs a run for their money with his fitness and athletic body if the scripts or his upcoming projects demand him to do so. Speaking about Aamir and his next Bollywood project, we exclusively spoke to celebrity fitness trainer Shivoham who has been training the celebrated actor for years now.  

Shivoham, who laid the foundation of India’s first CrossFit box in 2009 spoke at length about Aamir’s transformation for the movie, Laal Singh Chadha and also spilled beans on the workout plan, the versatile actor followed to essay the titular role. Shivoham had previously trained Aamir for the 2012 movie, Talaash. 

“So training for Laal Singh Chaddha has been again a very experiential part of my life right now, training Aamir Sir. Like I said in the past I’ve trained in him during Talaash as well. And at that time there was a scene where he required to do a little bit of swimming. Aamir Sir has never learned swimming. I even managed to teach him to swim and get him familiar with water cause of course that was a very new space for him. So, in the recent training as well we included a lot of swimming as a part of cardio because he happened to love swimming, so besides running a lot, we definitely include swimming,” Shivoham said. 

In the aftermath of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the shoot of Aamir’s Laal Singh Chaddha had also come to a standstill owing to the testing times. Since the shooting for the movie took place in different parts of the country, Shivoham recalled that there were times when he had to train Aamir in the absence of proper gyms and equipment.   

“The training we started with a lot of functional training like I said before, it all comes down to a person’s temperament what he loves, so combining a lot of isolation training, traditional weight training, and mixing it up with some aspect of functional training was how we basically did our training this entire time,” he recalled.  

“Because everybody knows the whole schedule of Laal Singh Chaddha was pretty much all over the country, so there were times when the gyms were not as well equipped with the equipment, so we have to of course change the way we train, some days it was just doing free-hand training, there have also been times when there was no gym so we used to just get out of the car and walk and jog for a long time as well,” Shivoham continued.   

“So wherever we got time, wherever we found the opportunity, we made the most of it. So the training has been pretty much a mix of a variety of all sorts of things we done. Swimming, TRX, resistance, traditional weight functional training,” he added. 

When asked about Aamir’s diet, Shivoham revealed that the Bollywood star enjoys a fruitful partnership with his nutritionist that has been with the actor since the movie Ghajini was released. Shivoham asserted that he didn’t interfere with Aamir’s diet while preparing him for the movie – Laal Singh Chaddha. 

“As far as the diet goes, Aamir Sir has already been, right from day 1, I think during the time Ghazini he’s been with a particular nutritionist so that’s something he is very comfortable with. And I believe in the fact that, if something is not broken you don’t need to fix it. He has always seen results on a particular diet and a particular way he likes to eat. So I didn’t interfere with that in the entire session. I focused on the training and that was it,” Shivoham added. 

Helmed by Advait Chandan, Aamir’s Laal Singh Chaddha is a comedy-drama that also features Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vijay Sethupathi, and Mona Singh in crucial roles. 

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